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Last year we found that some of the best Black Friday deals were announced on the Twitter accounts of major retailers Currys included. With that in mind, take a look at our guide to preparing for the big day of sales and the Twitter accounts you need to be following this Black Friday Last year its Black Tag Event started at the beginning of the Black Friday week and ran into the following week through to Cyber Monday too. Using our patented 'look at Google Calendar' method, that means we'd estimate that the Black Tag event will begin November 25 in the UK and last until roughly December 6.

It does. We're fully expecting the same thing to come around this year, with the offer giving consumers confidence in what they can buy come the Black Friday shopping season. That's why it's important to know the dates of these key shopping times for Currys, as you'll have longer to snaffle a TV or smart device and watch to see if it drops in price. That said, it's been called out by consumer watchdog Which? While that's not necessarily nefarious - a retailer can offer discounts whenever it likes - it does mean you should use caution before waiting until Black Friday to make your purchase.

However, there are discounts to be had on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but they might look a little smaller than rivals. Other TV deals were a little less dramatic but no less welcome. During Currys sales, the retailer stocks a very wide range of laptops, so you can expect an equally wide range of laptop deals on Black Friday Last year was particularly good for budget devices, which became even more affordable on Black Friday thanks to some nice discounting. There were some nice discounts on more powerful laptops too. A bundle featuring the Galaxy Tab A It may not be the first retailer that springs to mind when thinking about setting up a connected home, but Currys has a wide range of smart devices on sale all year round.

That means we can expect Amazon will offer discounts on at least some of its older Alexa devices this Black Friday. Although you can buy direct from Amazon, Currys will be one of the biggest third-party retailers to be selling the Echo range as well. All such devices currently feature the Windows operating system and have detachable keyboards, with some users possibly finding that 2-in-1 hybrid devices give greater flexibility of use and provide far more benefits. These are powerful devices, not just lending access to all the software needed by students or business users, but also providing the opportunity to switch to tablet mode when travelling or during leisure times.

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The expense of 2-in-1 devices does put them out of the affordable price range of some buyers, it's also important to note that the Windows operating system won't offer as satisfactory a user experience as that of traditional laptops or desktop computers. Another great option for the mobile usage are Ultrabooks. Already the name of these subnotebooks indicates that they're ultraportable notebooks. Ultrabook is a trademarked brand by Intel , so all devices of this class feature an Intel Core processor. If you're looking for a good gaming laptop , you'll likely need Intel Core i7, as well as a graphics processor suited for playing PC games.

RAM is also an important factor. DVD and Blu-ray drives don't normally come standard on laptops now, as most movies can be streamed easily, but it's quite possible to buy an inexpensive external drive if required. Weight and size — The weight and size of your prospective laptop purchase are very important if you will be carrying it around on a daily basis.

Students or businesspeople should ideally source a lightweight laptop with smaller screen if they plan to tote their computer around on a daily basis.

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Available screen sizes include 11 to 12 inches, 13 to 14 inches, 15 inches and 17 to 18 inches. The 13 to 14 inch screen sized laptops are best for portability and typically weigh in around 1. Laptop keyboards are vital for business users — The keyboard on laptops needs to be sturdy and large enough to use on a regular basis. Business users may wish to consider keyboards featuring a nub so that it's easy to move around on screen using the pointing stick while operating the keyboard. The full-sized keyboard on Mac devices is an attractive feature for business users, too. The touchpad on devices also needs to be robust and stand up to constant use without jumping.

Most laptops are provided with Bluetooth and USB ports, so it's easy to add wireless devices when needed. Look for a laptop with a minimum of two USB 3.

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All laptops now incorporate Wi-Fi and are compatible with most signals. Battery life on laptops is also important to consider. If you plan to use your device away from home and plug sockets, there's nothing more frustrating than constantly experiencing dead batteries. You need a device providing at least eight hours charge - checking expert reviews is better than just accepting manufacturer statements. Choosing the right laptop for your needs over the next couple of years is important, it is possible to upgrade devices but adding extra internal hard drives or a DVD drive can work out expensive.

Windows laptop — Opting for a laptop with Windows allows greater flexibility over pricing and specification of available portable computers. Windows notebooks can be inexpensive options, while features like fingerprint recognition, touch screens and high performance CPU central processing unit are increasingly common. Asus , Dell , HP and Lenovo are popular laptop brands, with some of the HP models specifically aimed at business users.

Apple laptops — Apple laptops are ideal for iPhone or iPad users who will appreciate the familiarity of the intuitive interface and find the Launch Pad for apps useful, as well as abilities to make iPhone calls and texts. Touch screens are not available on Macs and they are expensive, but they do have a high resale value.

Apple support services are also highly rated. Chromebooks — Chromebooks use the Google OS, as already described.

Prices are inexpensive and these devices are lightweight and easily portable all day. If you don't need much memory or need to install many programs on your device these can be great for surfing the net and accessing social networks, email and streaming. Popular brands include Lenovo, Chromebook and Toshiba.

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Prices for tablets featuring Microsoft programs are much more than the norm and the keyboard is an additional extra, however these mini devices feature all the punch you expect from a laptop. The 2-in-1 devices can be switched between different modes, such as clamshell, tablet or tent and stand modes, and may be supplied with detachable screens or flexible hinging to change mode.

Popular brands include Microsoft and Lenovo. There are several retailers online and on the high streets like Amazon , Tesco Direct , Currys , PC World and Argos that offer laptop bargains regularly. Read several expert reviews before buying any laptop device online and ensure you buy a product with the specifications you need.

It's also a good idea to drop into a retail outlet to check out the physical look and feel of laptops, and even trial them before placing any order. There isn't really a best time of year to buy, as discounts and laptop sales are available all year round. If you're happy to accept older stock models, you may find buying a laptop in the second quarter of the year gives you a better specification model, as manufacturers tend to discount electronics more heavily after the end of the fiscal year. Best price laptops tend to be available at the start of the new academic year as well as the January Sales , too.

Black Friday deals and discounts for Christmas may also bring better prices around the holiday season. It is also noted that Monday tends to be the day that retailers apply discounts to electronics, so laptops could come down in price on Mondays if you shop around for the best prices. All the laptop discounts, offers and promotions at hotukdeals.

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