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To learn more about grocery savings, check out this blog about the best ways to save before, during and after your next shopping trip. Jordhan Briggs is a content writer and copywriter at Enova International, Inc. Here are the top 5 free grocery coupon apps for you to download: 1.

Grocery Pal This free app helps users save money by browsing local supermarkets and chain stores for coupons. Checkout 51 Checkout 51 searches for deals, coupons and suggests offers near you. Key Ring Key Ring is a free app that helps you keep your rewards cards in order. Coupon Sherpa This free mobile app helps you save money on in-store purchases. Previous Post. The real strength in this act lies in the fact that it is able to coordinate grocery shopping between all members of the household.

Best Coupon Apps to Save Money off Your Shopping

For example, you can build a shopping list that everyone can contribute to and then searched for coupons for those items. You can even add your stores loyalty card and make sure that everyone has the same grocery list and crosses items off when they buy them. Someone can add an item to the grocery list at the very last second at home while the person at the store picks up the item because they received an alert about a new item added to the list.

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Being able to coordinate shopping among all members of the household is great, but being able to save money on those items is what really makes this app something special. Ibotta is probably the best grocery store coupon application in the world. All you do is compare this app with the grocery items that are on your list and find coupons that that your needs. Then you can go to your grocery store and buy the items that you were going to get anyway, save the receipt and then once you get home you can open up the app again and redeem those coupons by scanning the barcode on your receipt.

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If you love getting significant amounts of real money on the items that you were going to buy anyway, then you definitely need to check out this application. It is one of the best out there for shopping for groceries.

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Some of the stores out there have their own applications that you might want to use to get deals. This is the same with restaurants as well. A lot of times you can get buy one get one sandwiches in deep discounts on what you are going to spend money on anyway. Walmart has a terrific app called the Walmart Savings Catcher and Target has one as well.

It is a simple scan of the barcode on the app to get the additional savings at the register. Visit Walmart Savings Catcher.

Ebates is one of the oldest and most reliable coupon applications and websites out there. It is a lot more than just a coupon application. Ebates gives you a small percentage back for your entire purchase. You also get cash back at stores when you shop in person.

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You get your rewards quarterly paid by check and sent to you by mail as soon as you have at least five dollars earned. Here are our two picks for people shopping in the UK — the two most popular apps for saving money and earning cashback on your purchases. The bottom line is that there are lots of great coupon apps out there. The ones that were listed here are definitely the 10 best, but they are changing all the time so you need to do your research and keep up with what is going on in the world of coupon applications.

If you can install a coupon app on your phone that gives you cash back or cash rewards without you having to do very much work for it than there is no reason not to have it. Sure you might be providing a little more information for retailers to adjust their marketing strategies, but at least you are being compensated for it.

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