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The more novice sewers can create something fancy from little sewing, while those with more knowledge have the freedom to add and create something a little more technically skilled. This is a 1. If you would like a longer session to have the workshop as part of your celebration so there is time for food, drink mingling please contact me to arrange extra time and we can work with this. The 1. A wildlife charity donation is made with each sale. Each sale helps the Eden Project, an educational charity and social enterprise involved in transformational projects and learning programmes.

Tree Friendly Recycled Pencils Ethicalsuperstore. Rustic wooden keychain This hand-made item will leave no guest indifferent. Here are some ideas for those attendees who can hold their liquor. Ideal for wine-lovers. Carry On Cocktail Kit Have you ever seen a fancier kit? This make-your-own-cocktail carry-on will make anyone feel like Don Draper. Voga Italia Prosecco Style made wine. Voga Italia Prosecco is vibrant and intense. Lager Beer Lollipops Lollyphile has made the dream of countless teenagers adults come true.

Lollipops that taste like beer? No list is complete without some miscellaneous items, right?

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Monkey Business Skyline Ruler Bored of straight lines? Then the Monkey Business Skyline Ruler may be just the thing you need. Perfect for those who are looking for something different in their day-to-day work. Multi-Purpose Cable Clips We all have dealt with the annoying mess of tangled cables.

These clips by Infmetry makes cable management a lot easier. Silicon Smart Wallet This Delta silicon wallet can be attached to the back of any cell phone and can hold up to 3 cards. On top of that, you can brand this appreciated swag!

Roompaper Whatever this is supposed to be — but it looks cool! Drinklip Cup Holder Good design and incredibly useful. Drinklip provides a smart way to contain a lot of stuff mobile, coffee, cosmetics, etc. Mini Speaker, hamburger speaker, portable speaker This portable, mp3 mini speaker allows playing music anytime, anywhere.

Assuming the device is charged, of course.

Phone Stand Another phone stand! The Easel Phone Stand keeps the device visible and folds for easy storage. Perfect for design events! Treat your attendees with some of these adorable options. This cute tea infuser will make any tea time much more special. Unforgettable tea sachets that come in various flavours. It would be a lovely addition to any gift bag! Tipping Teacup Designed by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jaasko, this teacup has an unusual angled bottom that allows it to rest in two different positions turning an everyday activity into a singular event.

London Bus Tin Tea and biscuits in a London bus tin. Ideal for any quintessentially English occasion. Pyramid Box Tea Bag Customizable pyramid tea boxes that will for sure create a positive impression. Take some notes if you want to impress your coffee snob attendees. Amoretti Premium Syrups Classic 3 Pack These syrups by Amoretti are ideal for coffee, tea, soda, seltzer, iced tea, and cocktails, among others. Instant Coffee Cube Set Uncommongoods. Great Moustaches Mug A fun mug with great design. Movember anyone?

Morning, Noon and Night Coffee Ever refused a cup of coffee because it was too late? This product promises to give you the best blend for each time of the day. Coffee Chart Mug The wet dream of any coffee snob. This mug designed by Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan will teach anything there is to know about coffee. Now everyone can make their own latte at home. Take that Starbucks! Catering to the jet-setter crowd? Then you should pay attention. Any traveller will tell you that the items they want in their bag are meant to be portable, durable and good looking.

Forget about the passport holders and the travel cushions, try something a bit different and you might give them what they really need. Americano Colour Mugs A customisable travel mug. Comes in a wide range of colours.

How to Make Bachelorette Party Bags - Diva Style!

Posters from international airports NaxART takes the blueprints of famous international airports and turns them into elegant posters. These are so beautiful, I might just cry.

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Promotional Coloured Earphones Everyone needs headphones. Travel Stub Diary A gorgeous diary to save travel memories. Mountain Range Notebook This handmade travel diary features a gorgeous design of a mountain range on its cover. After a long day of work, a hot bath can bring back to life even the most abused of employees. I am a total product junkie, from make up to skin care to hair products. Everyone was in make up nerd mode taking it very seriously and noting every single word down! Tara used her sister as her model and guided us through a Saturday night look from scratch.

13 Totally Free Hen Party Printables

I will however share some of the learnings I took away from it and what have been added to my morning routine!! This will avoid the powder falling on your cheek on top of your make up. Even if you are just wearing eye liner on your eyes, doing this first means you can use other techniques to really define and highlight the eye even more. You only need to use primer on your T zone i. She recommended Porefessional which is a favourite amongst my friends and I.

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We were delighted we were ticking the beauty trend there! I am definitely into more natural looking skin and have never liked a coat of foundation. There is so much you can do with some concealer and highlighters.