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He opened his first private practice in New Tampa in He sold that business in and moved into a new location off of S.

In , the Costco on S. Scamard brought his Excellence in Eye Care inside the store. The good news is that you do not have to be a Costco member to walk in to visit or make an appointment with Dr. He is thorough with his eye exams and is just an awesome practitioner. I went through three optometrists before I found him, and I feel like he finally got my prescription right. Many of his patients from his early years have followed him to his location inside Costco. Scamard says. He notes that diseases like glaucoma can go undetected for years and says the American Optometric Association recommends an eye exam for everyone once a year, but especially diabetics should have their eyes checked every year.

Scamard uses some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. For eye exams, he uses an Optos retinal camera in his office. This high-tech tool is a retinal imager that gives the optometrist a view of the internal structures of your eyes. One of the other high-tech devices Dr.

Dr. David Scamard Is Your Independent Optometrist Inside Costco!

Scamard uses is a RT Refractor, a digital refractor with electric motors that change the lenses. Scamard operates the digital refractor from a console on his desk. The entire process from eye exam to putting the glasses on your face or contacts in your eyes can be completed right there in Costco.

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It can take a little bit to get them depending on how much you want to pay for shipping. I've used Warby Parker in the past and bought a pair from Costco this year. I found the Costco pair to be better quality and about the same price, but I could have spent much more on frames at Costco if I was so motivated. I've never tried the super budget brands like Zenni Optical, etc to compare; I'd imagine those are the best price but I've tended to assume perhaps naively that there is some price floor where "you get where you pay for" requires that those ultracheap glasses are of questionable quality.

I looked at Zenni and Warby Parker but many frames are plastic, don't fit well and are missing larger sizes. The limited selection larger sized Men's WP frames are actually more medium sized so their marketing is fake about their larger sizes. Also, their goods are geared towards the younger crowds millennials and younger es.

I've had terrific luck with zenni.

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I started off with the 6. Got my glasses at Costco. Love them. Great deal. I got some of the designer frames that they keep in the display case and they were a great deal. I used to get it from Costco but then I found that they don't carry Asian-fit glasses.

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Asian noses are much flatter so I always get Asian fit glasses now that has higher nose pad than regular glasses. I order my glasses from JINS. It is actually cheaper than Costco and they have great service too. Even some companies that do sell Asian aka Alternative fit frames, many are plastic and do Not have adjustable nose pads. Jins is a decent Japanese eyewear company but their selection is still limited. Hopefully, it'll import more eyewear into the US.

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Is it possible to bring a frame that I bought from another store to get lenses at Costco? Hands down. The first time I got an exam at a local Costco, I went ahead and tried to buy the glasses there onsite. Yeah, I wish the selection at Zenni wasn't so hipster-crunchy-centric. I wish it was easier to get larger lenses on there - apparently millenials don't do any work with their hands and only need tiny lenses to stare at computer screens so they're happy with tiny lenses.

I was very happy with the eye exam at the one COSTCO, but the guy at the other one was an asswipe who totally screwed up my last exam and then refused to review it for one thing my lifelong astigmatism disappeared and he refused to discuss WHY. Which forced me to the other Costco in town where there is an actually uber competent optometrist who did my exam properly and didn't blow me off with "there is only so much glasses can correct" - yeah, especially when you've screwed the pooch doing the exam.

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  • So eye exams vary depending on who the store has hired to do them, but the glasses are overpriced and fragile regardless of which store you are in. I bought glasses with insurance at Pearl Vision, and it was twice as expensive as a pair of glasses at Costco with no insurance with similar options. Some third-party delivery services, such as Instacart and Google Express , will pick up what you want from Costco for you and bring it to your home.

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    In need of an eye exam? Nonmembers can see on-site optometrists at Costco clubs. Nonmembers cannot purchase optical items, however. How to Get a Killer Deal on Eyeglasses. Not all Costco clubs have optical departments.

    Additionally, nonmembers can generally use the pharmacies in Costco clubs. Just note that this can vary from state to state due to differences in state laws. Also, not all Costco locations have pharmacies. So, nonmembers might want to call ahead before using a brick-and-mortar Costco pharmacy for the first time.

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    But if you pay out of pocket for prescriptions, compare what you currently pay with what Costco charges for your medications. Costco pharmacies also carry medications for your pet. Share with us by commenting below or over on our Facebook page.